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         Marital Status




          Farsi (mother longue)،English (written & spoken)،French (written &



          Professional experience

  • In 1985-1986 Design of free surface flow structures in Northern Iran (Ghorgan plain, North of Iran) as a consulting Engineer
  • In 1986 – 1987 Fluvial hydraulic studies in Tanzania (Africa) as a consulting Engineer
  • In 1987 –1988 Calculations and analysis of sediment transport data in south western of Iran (Moulab Plain) Western Iran as a consulting Engineer
  • In 1988– 1991 Environmental hydraulic investigations in the northern Iran (Moghan plain (North western of Iran
  • In 1999 – 2014 Application of turbulent boundary layer theories in free surface flow studies including different roughness scales, friction factor, application spectral analysis and quadrant analysis in sediment transport projects, Management of different river engineering projects

Educational Degrees

  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Laval University, Canada (1998)
  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Laval University, Canada (1994)
  • B.Sc. Water Engineering, Tabriz University, Iran (1985)

Prizes and Awards

  • The first rank in Ms Examination to win a scholarship for studying in Canada
  • Full Scholarship by University of Laval (Canada) for PhD study
  • Grant award for Excellent Research in River Engineering projects from British Council in Iran, 2005
  • Award for the best paper in Journal of International Sediment Research in 2012

Teaching activities

  • Hydrology for Engineers (B.Sc. level)
  • Fluid mechanics (B.Sc. level)
  • Hydraulic (B.Sc level)
  • Hydrodynamics (M.Sc. level)
  • Hydraulics of sediment transport (M.Sc. level)
  • Advanced fluid dynamics (PhD. Level)

Supervision of graduate students

I supervised 40 students at the level of M.Sc and 6 students at the level of Ph.D. in different aspects of Environmental hydraulics and River Engineering

Areas of expertise

  • Fluid mechanics
  • River Engineering
  • Environmental hydraulics
  • Applied Hydrology













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